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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

School Holidays

Funny how you get so much less done in the holidays.   The boys do have the Autism Society 3 days this week, but there's still work to do, housework, doing things with them on other days etc. 

Yesterday we went ice skating, unfortunately I didn't get many decent photo's as I took the smallest camera which hasn't been used for a while and the batteries died.
George with his classroom's dragon!
We all had an amazing time!   Both boys were skating away from the walls until the direction changed, at which point they went back to the walls for a bit.   George's second ever session, Ian's first though so I was really impressed.   Thomas and I each got a few goes around with no child clinging on; I'm seriously considering trying it a few times in term for fitness and seeing if I enjoy it as much when it's just me.

I've finished Ian's first sock, but forgot to take a photo so you'll have to wait for that.

I have however taken a photo of my stays at the current point of construction.   They're covered and lined now, I stitched near the edge of the fabric to catch all layers, next step is to cut in the bottom to make the tabs and then I can bind them.  I'll be using a chamois, thanks to a suggestion made in the comments of one of The Dreamstress' blog posts.  Luckily I have one which hasn't been used because I can't find my maroon leather offcuts.   The chamois colour works well with the cover fabric which is good.
The chamois is the yellowish cream in the stems.
Once the tabs are done I then need to do the eyelets, make my cording (waiting on a lucet to arrive) and then hopefully the shoulder straps to finish it.  I'm considering putting a narrow band of chamois on the diagonal front side seam to put a visual barrier between my patterns.


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

I love George's dragon! I have a soft spot for dragon stuffies.

That floral material is beautiful - it's going to be gorgeous!

Laura Lochore said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Rachelle, Cute post! you won my giveaway. :) send me your address...

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