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Friday, July 12, 2013

A very quick post

I've been spinning:
2 bobbins ready to ply

Another two, both done today using long draw which is much quicker!
I'll have to do some plying soon, I've only got 3 good bobbins left, or possibly 2.   My other 2 bobbins need some work as they stick a little on the shaft.

I've cut out one layer of my 1770's stays to sew together and see how they'll fit.   I've got 1" seam allowances to play with though so can add some if needed.   Once I get the fit sorted I'll be making them with
this fabric.
They will be for the Eastern Influence challenge.  The fabric is very similar to some examples I found on Leimomi's (The Dreamstress) Pinterest page for this challenge.   I think it's called Chinoserie.   After this is the White Challenge and I'm planning on using an old white linen sheet to make myself a set of panniers.   Then for the next challenge which is Separates I'll make the underskirt and for Robes and Robings I'll be making the bodice and overskirt which has robings as part of it if I understand the definition correctly.    The corset needs to be finished on Monday so I need to get a wriggle on, but not till tomorrow as the sewing machine is too noisy.


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