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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Too busy for photos

But the chemise is moving along nicely.  The body is sewn together, the sleeves are about to be gathered into their cuffs.   I did have one done but it turned out that when I put the lace on according to the instructions they'd got the side you put it on wrong and the lace would have ended up on the inside of the cuff.   So undid that one, shifted all the marks to the other side and ready to go again.   Decided not to do any sewing after that though, the signs were not good for keeping on.
Tomorrow will be the sleeves being sewn into their cuffs, and hopefully put into the body as well.
I didn't know if I had the right sort of lace, but luckily it turned out that the cotton crocheted lace I purchased a few weeks ago was the perfect width and colour.

I've finished the third clue for my KAL socks today as well, so that's the heel turn done on the first sock, and I've taken a step into the waters of madness and cast on my 4th sock for the Business Casual Sock KAL.   I"ll have to finish the other sock first as it's deadline is in February and there's another sock to go, plus it's charted so takes a little longer.   The Business sock won't take as long as it's fairly straightforward, main thing that'll slow that down is that I'm making them for Thomas so they're bigger.

I am however getting more craft time at the moment, good in some ways but the reason for it is due to a lack of work which means less money.   Need to win Lotto I think!


Truly Myrtle said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm hanging out for Lotto too ;)
Fourth sock! You're brave!

Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

I found the Business Casual socks knits pretty quick. I'm setting mine aside until I get Dave's other socks done - and I'm thinking about a pair for me after that!

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