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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Getting Somewhere

Got lots of knitting done today, always do with a doctors appointment.  Luckily I don't mind the wait when I have knitting to do.   Don't worry, nothing serious, though the doc agrees that I'm entering Perimenopause (explains the hot flushes, dry nails, sleeping poblems etc).    I suspect I have quite a long time before it's all over, but I'll survive, though I may be grumpy from time to time!

I got my TTL KAL further along though, the gusset decreases are now finished and I'm working my way down the foot; so far I'm really liking it!  And my Business Casual socks are started at least.

TTL KAL, won't look that lumpy on my feet, on my hands however....
Business Casual socks for Dh.
I also got more work done on my chemise; had some issues with the instructions being wrong (lace would have ended up on the inside of the cuff next to my skin had I not realised), and one pattern piece needed to be wider to fit the other piece it works with, luckily that was fixable with narrower seam allowances.
A flat felled seam in progress

The finished flat felled seam

The sleeves being gathered using zig-zag stitches to hold crochet thread in place.

The completed sleeve ready for insertion

The sleeve complete and inserted, slight whoops in one section but no-one will notice (I hope)

The cotton crocheted lace I'm using, it's perfect!
I also finished some yarn on the weekend, spun to be fingering weight for socks and it turned out exactly fingering weight!
Buttercup Merino/Nylon
Tomorrow I will get more done on the chemise, not sure if I'll finish it but I'll try.   More knitting, maybe even finish clue 4 which would be nice as I'm not expecting to have work to do.   Mind you I do have some housework to do, the bathroom is starting to look a little bit off, and I need to empty the vacuum cleaner of all the bird feathers the cat left us the other morning.  The bird survived, Thomas caught it and let it out the window where it flew away.


Truly Myrtle said... Best Blogger Tips

So much loveliness! I am in awe of your spinning!! The crochet lace is gorgeous - and the pink socks are going to be darling.
I think I'm right with you on the Perimenopause although I rather think I've been in it for a while ;)

Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

That is the perfect lace!

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