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Friday, February 01, 2013

Little girl knits and a chemise in planning

Been very busy here with gardening, housework etc, all that stuff that you have to eventually give in and do if you want to be able to function in the house.   At least with it all done I've got a little crafting time available, even if I keep thinking "I should be...."    I've decided at the moment it's too hot for the main "should be" which is painting the eaves and gables, at 27 - 32 degrees celcius the paint would be drying too quickly.

In knitting news I've been working on the My Honey cardigan for a wee girl of our acquaintance.   Getting measurements has been more difficult than I expected and I still don't know if the arm measurement is from shoulder to wrist or armpit to wrist; I'm suspecting the earlier option as I'm pretty sure her arms are normal length and if it's armpit to wrist they'd be overlong for the rest of her.
This morning I finished the body so I'm now working on the first sleeve and just trying to decide if I should do a short sleeve which would overcome the unknown arm length issue or go for long sleeves and hope like heck I get that right!    Thoughts everyone?

This is it so far:
Unblocked but very sweet

detail of neck lace
I'm pretty happy with it so far, but I think next year I might sew something instead, if I can get measurements of course.

I got a bit of it done yesterday while the boys were on the trampoline with the sprinkler on under it, at the time it was 32 degrees and helped to cool them off.   They weren't keen till they saw me on it, then all of a sudden they both wanted in, so I had to get off.  No photo's as both were naked, I took photo's I'm just not showing you guys!

For the Historical Sew Weekly this week the theme is "Under it All".   I'm making a chemise from Simplicity's 9769 pattern
the chemise is the gown on the left, but is also shown tucked in under the corset and with the drawers
My pattern only goes up to size 12 and normally I'm a size 14 on top (don't ask what I am in the hips) but this time I think 12 will be fine.  I've measured and it will fit perfectly around the shoulders and hopefully be a little less blousy than the 14 would be.   So far all I've done is cut out the paper pattern to press, but once again it's hot and after doing some baking I can't handle the idea of turning the iron on too.   I'll get it cut out by Monday at the latest.

In work news I'm not getting many hours at the moment, only 7 hours this week, the budget is suffering so there will be no unnecessary spending.  I'm kind of glad I'd already done the fabric, yarn and pattern shopping as I wouldn't be able to do them now.


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

I want a chemise! It's so cute

Love the yarn you chose for my honey

Truly Myrtle said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the chemise - looking forward to this one :)
I hear there's a drought down your end of the world - the grass looks so yellow at my sisters place up north - it's hard to imagine from over here. We're lucky if we get much above 0!
As for the cardigan - go for long - or go for long and slip onto waste yarn and try it on?

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