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Friday, February 22, 2013

Busy day!

Had to go out and get a new modem today, ours was fine with the laptop but not so fine with the tablet, my phone or other mobile gadgets, we thought maybe it was faulty, but the guy at Norman Ross said it was simply that they use newer technology.  We now have a much newer modem and all the devices seem to like it a lot better which is nice.  Got 30% off as Norman Ross is closing down, also picked up a GPS for the car to hopefully improve my chances of getting to places without getting lost.     I got the Navman MY300LMT, just going to have to remember to take it out of the car when I park anywhere. 
Also tried to get a driveway alarm to stop Ian from doing runners but they'd sold out, he had another go last night so I'd really been hoping to get it; now to search for an alternative which I suspect will be rather more expensive.   Not good.

Also today my Woollee Winder arrived for the Ashford E-Spinner, need to finish spinning  my current fibre so I can try it out, looking forward to it!  This is a good thing.

In other news (I think that's my go-to phrase) I had some excellent service from Craftsy regarding a course I didn't enjoy.   I didn't complain to them, but I did rate the course honestly as it didn't engage me at all, the presenter was monotonous and long winded.    They obviously monitor feedback if it's particularly bad and contacted me offering a refund or an alternative course.    As the course I didn't enjoy was a gift from my mother I went for an alternative and chose the course on double knitting.   I watched the intro and I think I'm going to really enjoy it.   Major kudos to Craftsy for being proactive and for their unexpected but greatly appreciated offer.

Knitting - Dh's Business Casual socks may end up being for me.  I went with the recommended needles, normally a sock that recommends a 2.5mm needle works out perfectly with my normal tension.    This one is my normal tension, but unfortunately the recommended tension is looser than what I have, this sock is very tight on Thomas, it may end up being mine, I'll see how it goes once the heel turn is done.


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