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Saturday, September 01, 2012

New Shoes and other stuff

I needed to get some new black shoes (and workout gear, but that's not exciting).  On Wednesday after dropping Ian at school I headed out to Dressmart and went shopping.   I had T's ok with it so went first to New Balance's store where I found 2 pairs of workout pants and a new pair of running shoes for a good price; got a free bag as well for Father's Day.    After that I just had shoes on my list, went to several places, none of which had what I wanted; had to be black leather as I refuse to wear PU shoes.   The first place had something I liked, but it wasn't leather so didn't get them.   The second to last wasn't interested in serving anyone cos they were too busy chatting.    The last place was Overland shoes and they had exactly what I wanted, not what I was looking for but they were exactly what I had to have!
Retro shoes, I'm in love.  Best part, they're comfortable too!
I wore these all day today and they were still comfortable even after a lot of mall walking this afternoon with the family.    So happy!

Same day I got a call from Telecom, my LG phone was back and I could pick it up, yay!   Love having it back, T's phone was good to have as a backup, but nowhere near as nice to use.   LG is intuitive, the HTC was not.

I've been busy with spinning too, finished my duck egg Merino/Silk in approx fingering weight.
1014m or more of lovely yarn; will probably be a top for me.
Made fudge for Thomas's Father's Day present; he loves my Russian Fudge so was the perfect choice.
double batch, delicious!
More done on Central Park Hoodie; got another inch done today, but before I started today's this is how the back looks
Past the armholes; loving this.
Today I was working on this at the guild, as well as showing off T's socks and the above yarn.   The socks in particular were well admired, you can see them a couple of posts back.

After I got back from the guild we went out to Riccarton Mall to get Ian new shoes, his old ones are only a month old, but his feet are pronating in them and they're already falling apart; never buying shoes from Number 1 Shoe Warehouse again.   Went with leather New Balance velcro sneakers this time, they always last well and his feet are in the right place in them; size 3 though which was a surprise.  He's sneaking into bigger shoes than his big brother!    We were also looking for barefoot running shoes for T, but couldn't find anywhere that stocked the Vibram shoes for him to try, he's going to have to go to Bush Inn instead, only stockist is there.
Before we left I'd been looking at the deal on 1-day today which was for Android tablets; when we got back I looked again and after discussion we decided to buy it.  $299 plus post got a 10" tablet with Android 4.0, a capacitive screen and the ability to expand the memory up to 32gig with a micro SD card.  Still have to get the card, but considering we were expecting to pay considerably more than that I'm not unhappy about it.   We decided on Android for a couple of reasons, one being the huge cost of I-Pads, the fact that both our cellphones are Android and that means if I buy apps then we can share them between devices.  We'll be sharing it, I suspect it'll go to his gaming sessions and may well go to my knitting/spinning sessions too.  I can use it for pattern PDF's which will be very handy.   It will be password protected and most likely to the children's disappointment there will be no games.

No more spending for a bit, I wanted to do some fabric shopping, but that won't happen now, the tablet used up all spare monies, which is fine.   We also paid off the camera and put some extra on the mortgage.


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