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Thursday, January 06, 2011

What's coming up

There will of course be more family stuff on the blog in the coming year.   Ian's starting in room 6 which is Year 2 this year.   He will still have the same main Teacher Aides (Wendy and Michelle), but is going to be full time after about 3 weeks.  Wendy will not always be available as she's starting to do teacher training; a full year with Ian didn't put her off and she still thinks he's lovely (he is, just a little challenging at times).

Sewing:    I'm going to be doing more of this in the coming year.   I've got one more skirt to make and I need some bike shorts as well.   Thomas needs more trousers and I think the boys could do with a couple of pairs of shorts too.   I'd also like to work on a costume piece at some point as well, maybe even something practical like a long skirt with bloomers underneath that I can still actually wear.   I think the Elizabethan costume might have to wait a while.

Knitting:  I've got 4 projects on the needles at the moment which need to be finished.   Whisper Cardigan, Central Park Hoodie, Spiral socks and One Side vest.   I'm going to finish Whisper first as I need that right now, then the socks.   At that point I will finish a cardigan not on the list that Mum did most of, but doesn't suit her; only got the button band to do.  Then One Sided will be finished and I can cast on something new.   I'll be casting on my Bug Out mittens, and a shawl, probably the Evenstar or Citron.  Maybe both.  I want to get at least 3 more pairs of socks finished this year and am aiming for 12 cardigans/vests/jerseys including some colourwork.

Spending:  I've got to pay back for my new bag and pay for the old one to be fixed, then I'll be saving for a bike rack that can fit all 4 family bikes on it.  That way we'll be able to go places as a family and bike around. Should be great fun!

Ok, that's all for the moment.  Wish me luck!


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