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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

1st day of 2011 already!   We've been busy here, but first I want to show you my last project that I finished on New Years Eve.

My husband's business trousers.  Made from a Burda pattern that apparently fits well, or at least the old pair in it do, the new pair are a little tight.   He has 3 weeks to lose some weight or for these trousers to stretch to fit as apparently the old ones have.
Aside from the fact that he's expanded they're a really nice trouser, I could possibly add a little extra room in the seat, but to add any into the waistband means I have to undo a lot of topstitching first.  We're hoping he'll lose the weight; it'd be a lot easier for me.  

I also got the heel turn done on his last sock in the pair, so just 62 rounds to go and that'll be finished too.

My birthday the day before didn't go so well due in the main to a nasty cold which gave me a headache and a middle ache from all the coughing; feeling a bit better now, but it means that I didn't get the sewing, spinning and knitting done that I'd planned as I wasn't feeling up to it.   On the plus side, Thomas took the boys out for an hour or so for a walk so I could play Fallout 3 on the Xbox, that was nice.   He gave me a skein of Dream in Color Smooshy in blue.   Liz (MIL) gave me some hankies, some biscuits in a very nice tin and some Belgian chocolates which are not opened yet as I want to be able to appreciate them.

Today we got to clearing out the lean-to next to the garage so we can store the bikes in there and so I can get to the freezer.  It's looking a lot better, but our rubbish bin is now full.   I also cut out two skirts which I'm hoping I'll get some sewing done on them tomorrow; no time tonight as we're playing Talisman.  I'll post photo's once they're done.

New Years Resolutions:

More sewing and knitting of course including more socks and jerseys; also much more sewing to get the mojo back up and running.   I need more workout gear too.
Less eating of sugar and junk
More exercise; this will be easier now my bike is fixed.
Less tv/xbox etc again too.


KathyR said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy New Year, Rachelle and Happy Birthday too! Not a great time to have a cold (really, when is it?) but I'm glad to hear that you're beginning to feel better. You're very talented at sewing - well done on your husband's trousers! I would never have attempted those, even when I used to do quite a bit of sewing in the past. Don't let him have any of the chocolates just encourage him to get active with the boys over the next three weeks. The trousers should fit perfectly, then. :)

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