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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

You wouldn't think it was Christmas Eve, the boys are not going to sleep, which means Santa isn't coming yet.  We can't wrap the presents yet either.   However, they are looking forward to tomorrow, despite already having some of their presents.  They already have the pool, and the kittens!

I'm still working on Thomas' socks; the first is finished, second is only 10 rows into the foot after increases finished, and I realised afterwards I did a different toe on this one.  Nevermind, this means Thomas can decide which he prefers, I'm not frogging.
Just a plain basic sock, but in this yarn that's what we want.  I'm not sure I like the colourway, but Thomas seems happy enough, so we'll keep on knitting.   I'm going to take a break tomorrow for some spinning on Christmas day though, between making a loaf of bread and another pavlova (Dad wants one too)
Last couple of days have been busy, today's been cleaning day.  Yesterday I made the first pavlova
did some gardening
and watched our kittens.  Ray desperately wants to get outside, she's worked out the front screen door so we have to lock it now; she's a shoulder cat given the chance.  Star's not quite so friendly, but still lovely.   Here for your entertainment are some gratuitous kitty photos

Look at us, aren't we lovely?   I am controlling your mind silly human, we are lovely!
Why thank-you for the lovely dangly toys; we are finding them fascinating, do you mind if we steal some to kill later?


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