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Sunday, December 06, 2009

A busy week coming up

It's George's birthday on Thursday and his party on Sunday next week so we're frantically tidying the yard.   Lawn is mown and edges trimmed; weeding done and ducks will be staying in their enclosure till it's all over.  
This week will be spent working, tidying the house and baking.  I have to bake for Thursday and Saturday guild meetings too as it's the Christmas munchies on those days so I'm going to be all baked out.
Thursday afternoon I have to go to Spencer park to pick up Ian too so not sure when the groceries will get done!   They need to get done as well cos I'm going to need more storage for the baking.
George also needs a new inner tube for his bike's front tyre, the valve is not working.
I will be so glad when this week is all over and we can relax for a week or so till Christmas.
That's here too, so still got to keep the house tidy.


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