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Friday, November 27, 2009

Ducks, spinning, knitting and children

Here they are at 5 weeks, still cute but much more feathery.   Not what I would call friendly though.   Tried them on bread for the first time today; I think they might rather like that.   We've got less weeds around too, I keep pulling them to feed the ducks.

Spinning:  I've been working on some baby alpaca and silk I've drumcarded, but have temporarily taken a break from that as the carding is taking too long.   I've started some of the Ashland bay Merino heathered fibre instead.   It's the red one and it's beautiful!    I'll take a photo later of both lots of spinnning.

I've also finally finished playing Fallout 3 so I'm back into the knitting.   Doing the shoulder increases on Ingenue, I'll be doing more of that tomorrow at spinning I think as the weather forecast is horrible and I'm not prepared to take my lovely wheel out in a downpour.   I need to get the jersey done anyway before the fibre is all used up.

Dinner time so discussion of children will have to wait till next time.   See you later!


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