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Monday, December 28, 2009

Ducks out

Day before yesterday I went out to feed the ducks after a sleep in, somehow Sam had got out and was the wrong side of the wire fence. Had to open up one side of the fence and then she panicked and got herself into a corner. DH ended up picking her up and popping her over the fence. I've shifted the pool now so hopefully she won't do it again.
Jay has now started moulting so I'll be collecting feathers to clean and then us in an art yarn.

On a slightly less ducky note. On Saturday night we went to see Avatar 3D, I enjoyed it so much we're going again for my birthday. Got to get the tickets tomorrow hopefully. Mum and Dad are going to babysit the boys. They know how late it'll get out, and while I wouldn't say they're happy about it, they will cope.


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