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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mostly Spinning

Another beginner video, this one is my second ever corespun yarn.   I discovered that the camera has a time limit on video's too; about 12 minutes, or 4 gig.
The finished yarn is quite pretty and I will be doing more; I want to get better at it.
merino and silk corespun onto unknown 3-ply
I also did some thick'n'thin plied with probably rayon from stash
Heavenly Wools batt of merino and sparkles
and I did the rest of the first skein of long draw alpaca
You've already seen the one on the left, the one on the right is the alpaca
I've finished the first travel sock, but no pic sorry.   I've got the bodice of my 1810's gown ready to insert the sleeves and I got sidetracked by a flooded bathroom and the double glazing.
And I've got my shawl to the end of chart 2
There's a long way to go; next row doubles my stitches; then a lifeline and another 71 extra long rows before the border.
I've decided I will be casting on something new, maybe 2 somethings.  I want to make a garter cowl with the thick'n'thin  I showed you earlier and I have the yarn for a Strokkur and the need for another warm woolly jersey before winter hits.


Sonya said... Best Blogger Tips

Would it work to use two streams of something a bit overtwisted in the core, and spin them backwards a bit? I guess that would effectively be doing some plying for the core - no idea how many hands that would require, or even if it would work!

Bronwyn Moore said... Best Blogger Tips

Love your art yarns and videos. I think your cores spun yarn photo shows a really pretty yarn.

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