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Sunday, March 22, 2015

A quick detour

I had planned on working on the dress this week, but got detoured by a need for long johns.
Merino for Thomas and George
The pricing for these came in under $20 each, no way I'd find merino long johns for that price in the shop.   Wool is necessary as they're going through Cave Stream where they'll get cold and wet (assuming the weather allows).

I've also been working on some more spinning, this is more like my usual spinning though
about 60g of merino; I have another 240 to go
I'm either doing this as a true 3-ply or 3 lots of Navajo; I'm thinking true 3-ply would be nice though.   I won't get it finished before I start my next project though.   I'm waiting on some fibre for the Discworld SAL.    Once that arrives and it's 1st April I'll get onto that.    Sock yarn first hopefully.

I shouldn't have bought the fibre for the challenge, we've been hit with a bunch of bills of late.   We'll have to pay for the double glazing soon, had to get a door fixed and don't know how much that is yet.  The car needed some work after a replacement part caused some issues, my engagement ring needs work, T's motorbike needed it's registration and a repair which was a hideous amount and the car also needs new tyres.   I've been selling more yarn to help pay for it all.


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