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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Tour de Fleece and Kitty Cats

I'm going to start off with the kitty cat mention.   A few weeks ago I finally decided to change our kitty's diet.   Star is overweight, both have dandruff and Ray always seemed to want to sleep.   I'd done some research and the fact that the kibble we had them on was partly made from grains which are not something any cat in the wild would eat, and the fact that the food has been cooked also concerned me as many of the good things in fresh meat are destroyed by cooking and it can make digestion harder for cats.    It took about 2 weeks for the girls to be prepared to eat fresh meat, but they now seem mostly ok with it and the only kibble in the house now is the emergency earthquake feed.
Things I've noticed as a result of this is that both girls have a lot more energy; they've been behaving like kittens again (my lounge suite is not impressed), this includes Ray who I now rarely find asleep on a bed somewhere.    Also both of them have much softer fur; the dandruff is still there at the moment, but I think there's less of it.
The only real problem is remembering to thaw food for them each day, can't nuke it to thaw it as that partially cooks it, but if you have cats you know patience is not their strong suit.
Ray kitty says "I like this new food"
My cotton yarn for weaving arrived today, so I can start thinking about warping up again, am thinking about waiting a little longer though as I'm doing another weaving course over the next few months so might warp up for that once the first class has been done later this month.    
I will have plenty to choose from now, Fran the lady who gave me the loom has now given me most of her yarn as she has shifted to tapestry weaving and no longer has any need for the fine weaving yarns she had taking up space.   I need to put some more shelves up and then I can go through what she's given me and see if it'll work for the project I want to do for my course.   I'm thinking curtains for the studio.

In spinning news I've been starting on the Tour de Fleece and have spun 100g of Merino from Heavenly Wools in the colourway Dragon's Breath.   This is being spun in the fractal method; I've done the stripped down bump already and am just starting on the bump I'm spinning from end to end.
It's even prettier in real life.
No knitting, the spinning and school holidays have taken over my knitting time; plus I've been helping Dh build stuff in the garage too.


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

I;d love to switch my kids to raw food - just need to get the finances in a bit better spot so I can do it reliably.

kathy b said... Best Blogger Tips

what kind of raw do you feed? IM intrigued

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

@kathy b
At the moment I'm buying a cat mix from a local supplier. They get it in fresh each day and then cut it and mix it up. There's heart, muscle meat and offal in the right amounts. I want to gradually work them up to eating bigger stuff to give their jaws a workout, but they're not quite ready yet.

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