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Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Week Off Work

I really need this, getting horribly stale and having it affect my RSI as well which is not helping.
Today was the first day and I spent part of it putting stuff away in my studio, getting my measurements sorted to warp up the loom on Tuesday and spinning which doesn't tend to affect the RSI if I'm sensible as it's a different action from hand sewing.

I've got a reasonable amount of spinning done in the Tour de Fleece; not as much as some, but 2 skeins completed and a bobbin spun for the next skein
Left is the Heavenly Wools Dragon's Breath in merino.  This is fractally spun in a 2-ply and will be a Drop Leaf Shawlette once I've got a couple of other items off the needles.  Approx 850m
 The second skein is a 3-ply in white and pastel blue and pink corriedale of unknown origin; the corriedale is an educated guess.   I got 447m for the first skein.

This is the first bobbin of the second skein; hoping I get a similar amount and I have no idea what I'm going to make with it at this point.
I've got some knitting done, past the heel turn of the second Scott Base sock which is for Dh; hoping to get that finished before the end of the month as part of a KAL hosted by Sarah Ronchetti (the designer) and also as part of the Ravelwealth Games.    Dh will be glad to get it too, it'll be another pair suitable to wear to work
I love this colourway now, it's the third attempt to find it a pattern it likes and this time it's been successful!
Next I need to finish the colourwork mitts from Vintage Purls' latest sock club, then a jersey that's been on the needles for a while before I can cast on the shawl and possibly a sock for me; Pirate Danger is calling my name and I've already wound the yarn for it.   My ball winder needed to be tested and videoed now that the drive band has been replaced; unfortunately it's not playing nice now so have sent a link to the video to the makers of the winder in the hopes they can diagnose the problem.   I've got a new one now, but would like to be able to sell the old one as a working concern.

I'm also really close to ordering my new sewing machine; 1st day of August I'll be paying for it and getting it sent down; it's on trial but going by reviews I'm expecting to love it!    If all works out I'll do a review myself.   I'm getting the Juki HZL-F600 Exceed down from Auckland.

Don't have a date for the new spinning wheel yet, once it arrives all going well I'll be selling my current one as I don't have space for both, and possibly the E-spinner as well.  I'll need the money from that to get a couple of things for my loom and some more accesssories for the sewing machine and the spinning wheel!      Unfortunately although I'd saved enough for the wheel and machine I don't have enough for the extra's till I sell those.


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

The sock is looking lovely - Im going to have to check that pattern out!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Your sock looks lovely! Sorry to hear the RSI is playing up, I hope the weaving helps to give your wrists a rest.

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