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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The First, But Not The Last

Cowl that is.  Still needs blocking, but it's10.24pm so that can wait.   Instead here is the appalling selfie taken in our lounge with the cellphone

Colour isn't right, it's more green and brighter; my top is actually peacock blue, not navy to give some idea of just how off it is.
It's from my handspun Fibre2Go on a base of 50% merino, 30% alpaca and 20% silk in the colourway Mediterranean.   I still have some left, but was running out of crappy beads (ranged in height from 0.5mm to 2mm, holes varied in size and the colour on the inside of the hole came off as I put the beads on), also my hands are complaining, mainly due to the fight to get some of the beads one.

This is closer to the colour and you can see the beads clearly; the real colour is more vibrant though.
It's sitting on my current reading material "Madam Will You Talk" by Mary Stewart; I'm currently resurrecting some of my old books and re-reading them.

I will definitely make another cowl, I've got some merino there that's aching to be one, but it's worsted weight and will not be beaded!    I do want to cast on my jersey too, but thinking the cowl might be more use right now when I'm feeling the cold and already have a good selection of jerseys to choose from.

On the weaving side nothing is happening yet, I've been trying to source the Cottolin I need for the next project without any luck at all.   The NZ supplier is overseas for another month, the Aussie one's website won't let me order (tried 3 browsers on this PC and 1 on Dh's PC)  and I even tried a Swedish website, but they were out of stock!   In the end I've ordered 8/2 cotton from Webs and will use that when it arrives.   I'll order Cottolin once Agnes is back in NZ.

Spinning has been temporarily on hold, I wanted to finish the cowl first, hoping to do some on Saturday though.   I did drop off a heap of fibre to be processed today though; will have to wait a couple of months, but that's no hardship with my stash!


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