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Friday, June 13, 2014

I Am Now a Weaver!

My first ever woven project, straight off the loom!
I don't know all the lingo properly yet, but the yarn is DK set at 8 EPI, or at any rate, the reed is 8 slots per inch done in plain weave.   The ends are a knotted fringe.  I definitely want to do more!

I also finished and sent off the hot water bottle covers
All wool with lace embellishment.   I kept the one on the left as it uses some of the lace from my wedding dress and has sentimental value.

 I might have had some recent yarny purchases, they all have a reason though, so here goes.

John Q Earthwise sock yarn from the Knitworld sale; I love this stuff!

Earthwise in grey, especially for socks for Dh that he will be able to wear to work

More Earthwise in my favourite ever colour!   This is for me

This was sold as "grey", it's more of a slate blue and is a heavy laceweight merino/angora with a smooth spin.   This was my only true impulse purchase

Vintage Purls in purple, bought to make a Nightingale cardigan adapted from a sock pattern; the original one I saw was done by Jettshin on Ravelry and is stunning.   My contrast will be a lagoon blue.

I sent in a photo for a facebook yarn gradient thing and my photo was picked!   This is a worsted weight and will be a quick cowl fairly soon I think.

This is for a weaving project from Anne Field's book

and so is this one

One of my favouite sock yarns, this is Casbah by Handmaiden

more Casbah in the Sangria colourway.
Hopefully that's it for a bit on the yarn front, it's now time to use some yarn and some fabric.   I need to get some sewing done; my next weaving project if I go by Anne's book uses Cottolin and I'm not sure if I've got any of that and I can't afford any right now (see above for the reason why).   I've got something in a bag, fingers crossed it might be that.   If not I'll come up with something to make, maybe I might try making something in yardage or a table runner.


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

Great scarf - and I love all the yarns!

Maria said... Best Blogger Tips

What's autietalk?

* just read your comment on my own blog

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Autietalk is my name for youngest's autistic babble. It's not any language and is something he does sometimes for no apparent reason, but generally it sounds happy. He is on the autistic spectrum, hence the name :)

Maria said... Best Blogger Tips

I'd never heard of it being a characteristic of ASD. Is he, like, asleep when he does it? Like sleeptalk? Or awake?

I've started to wonder if my oldest is on autism spectrum. Just a few things he does... We'll see, it'll be interesting to learn.

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips


It's his equivalent of flapping, everyone on the spectrum has a different range of quirks, this is one of his, when diagnosed he'd also lost his speech, couldn't stay still and didn't have any real interactions with others. He was diagnosed at 3 years of age, but it was pretty obvious at that point that he wasn't the same as other kids his age. Almost a relief to know it was ASD and not simply bad parenting! It's certainly made parenting more interesting and in some ways more fun too.

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