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Saturday, January 04, 2014

School Holidays

So far things have been a good mix.   We still haven't got to the beach yet, but we did go to Orana Park this week.    We did about half the park; the half we missed last time and of course we have the pass so we can go as many times as we want till the end of June I think it is.  Here's a selection of my favourite photo's from the park.
We go to a wildlife park to see........ ducklings.   I think the boys got the most out of this encounter to be honest!

Took several goes to get this shot of an unknown weed; mainly due to the wind.

I love zebras and this one is so sublimely indifferent to us.

The female ostrich; so much less flashy than her partner was.

These guys were steadfastly ignoring us; and of the four of them, three were most definitely guys!

I think this is my favourite shot, another group of animals (water buffalo) steadfastly ignoring all us humans

I do rather like this one too; there were about 5 white rhinos, but this one was the one by itself

Another pretty weed.
I've also been spinning:
3-ply unknown man-made fibre; this was for an advanced spinning challenge

Not the best photo, but this is 300m of a merino/yak blend 3-ply spun fine and worsted.  It took a long time due to the short staple, but didn't want to spin well woollen so I took what I could get.   This will be overdyed to be a cowl.
 and dyeing (on my birthday)
100g of BFL sock yarn in turquoise and aubergine

100g of laceweight silk in turquoise and aubergine with a mix of the two in the middle; this will be the Lavandula shawl

100g BFL sock yarn for youngest in greens and rust
 For my birthday Dh got me these
Vintage Purls laceweight in Currant Affairs

and also in Mist
I've also done some knitting, but not so much as my arms and hands have been complaining; I'm suspecting a lack of magnesium as after one tablet they're starting to improve.   I have still managed to get past the ribbing on Dh's sock, halfway through the ribbing of eldests second sock and have got 10 rows done on the shoulders of my jersey that's been on hold for a year.   There are KAL's I want to do too, but I think I'll have to simply stick to what I have on the needles and cast on something for the Ravellympics after I've finished at least one thing on the needles.   I'm planning on casting on a shawl for that though; in bright red.

No sewing, too hard to concentrate on that with the kids home, might be getting some done when they start their holiday programme next week, along with getting my rings resized, getting eldests new uniform for school and seeing the gyneacologist (sp?) to see what my blood tests said.   I had been thinking of going to Knitworld's sale, but then remembered I'm not allowed to.

One last thing, put the present we got from the IL's for Christmas up today; it's very cool
Our dragon wind-chime


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks like you had fun with the dye!
Love the windchime!
And happy belated birthday!

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