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Monday, January 27, 2014

Crafting in the holidays

It's been interesting crafting these holidays.   My RSI has flared due to the running (I hold my arms just right to set it off apparently).  I'm taking a week off running and replacing it with bike rides instead to see if that helps.   As a result I've cut back my crafting time as I still have to work despite the RSI.

I've done some crafting with the boys.   George has a placemat ready to quilt and Ian has done the top of his; not sure if they'll quilt them or if I will.   Being the last week of the holidays and being without our car (have a courtesy car, but am trying not to use it) we are stuck at home somewhat but don't know how much craft stuff will get done with prep for next week and with George having his orientation day on Thursday.    We have to go down tomorrow at get his stationery list; might walk there I think as Ian is scary on a bike and I prefer it if Dh is along for those rides.

I've broken my yarn diet already, and my fabric diet, but both were for specific projects and I didn't have what I needed.   I've got 12yards of linen coming for my historical sewing; both in weights I've not seen here; one for lightweight projects (mostly undergarments) and the other for a middleages dress for a challenge coming up in future.    I also have some yarn that arrived, some to dye with the boys as I have almost run out of dyeable yarn and also some for making a 19th century bosom buddy for wearing with my historical clothing (nineteenth century is my next timeframe once the eighteenth is finished), I also got some mohair laceweight to make stockings.  It's a smooth yarn and should wear well I hope too.
Before I went on the diet I had some yarn arrive for a Craftsy class; I'm doing the fairisle vest class and have chosen different colours from the original.    I think that'll be it for a while though; aside from Vintage Purls summer sock yarn club.
Fair Isle selection

From top left clockwise:   Undyed sock yarn, mohair for stockings and merino/angora for bosom buddy

I've made some progress on my crafting despite all that.   I finished a true 3-ply yarn from merino/silk which I'm loving and also eldest's new socks.   I've now cast on for youngest's next pair as he's outgrown the ones I made for him in the winter; boy needs to stop growing!
Eldest's socks in charcoal commercial yarn; should be hard wearing, if he doesn't grow out of them first.

My lovely merino/silk 3-ply yarn, around 435m if I remember correctly

Ian's new socks.
No further historical sewing yet, but I've made some decisions on the next few items.   Challenge #2 is Innovation and I'm going to make a Calash which is a hood that was designed especially to protect the large hairstyles of my era.   I need to pick up some "boning" for the hood, but have decided the garden piping that didn't work for my panniers should be fine for this as there won't be much weight in it.   Just have to find time to get it, which is harder than you'd think atm as I don't want to take the courtesy car down to Mitre 10 so have to wait till my car is back in action.
This is a calash
And these are the fabrics I've chosen.   The blue/green silk is for the outer and the yellow linen for the lining.
Challenge #3 is for something pink.    At this point I'll be knitting myself some slippers in some hand dyed yarn that has been sitting in the stash for a while, using a pattern from a Raveller's grandmother, probably dating to around 1940.   Knitted slippers have been around since the eighteenth century though, if not before; I've found a pattern from that era, but it's lacking some detail and I can't get my head around it yet.  I might try that one first and fall back on 1940 if need be.

Challenge #4 is for underwear; so that might well be an eighteenth century chemise; my current one is civil war and a little too ornate for what I need.

Challenge #5 is for a bodice.   Not quite sure on this one yet, but think it might be something that requires some research.

In other news we went out to a friend's place for their roof party (their house just had its roof finished) and it's a beautiful spot, just a pity about the wind.

If it weren't for the upkeep on the lifestyle block I'd be tempted

Their stream is lovely

and the vista is stunning

even with the cellphone taking pictures you can see how beautiful it is
But it's a long drive, so we'll stay in town thanks, and visit from time to time.


Jo - The Knitographer said... Best Blogger Tips

I hope you're feeling better soon! Loving the socks!

Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks like you've got lots to keep you busy.
I love your handspun - absolutely beautiful!

Kura Carpenter said... Best Blogger Tips

I've thought about making a calash too, I like the way the fold open. However, I kind of think they'd be impractical to wear becausue they'd block so much of my view. I just know I'd bump into walls or something...

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