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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Completed Sewlutions

Sewlutions is something I signed up for near the beginning of the year.   My sewlution was to make enough items to be able to attend a picnic in 1913 without looking out of place.

I actually got it done fairly early in the year, which considering the house repairs was probably just as well.    There isn't a lot of the correct underpinnings; just a slip, but it still looks fine.    The corset didn't happen due to being sidetracked by 1776 instead.    Luckily it's not as necessary as it would have been with a summer outfit.

The slip; with drawstring instead of the elastic I'd normally use.

The skirt; yes it needs a press.

The shirt with grandpa collar

The jacket worn with the rest that I'd already made by this point; and photobombing cat

The complete outfit; though the boots aren't part of it.   Don't I look just right?   Ignoring the totally incongruous parts of the image (boots, car, motorbike, plastic bucket and trampoline)

All in all I'm pretty happy with my efforts though I do need to work on the fit of the jacket next time I do something like this.

This year I'm planning on completing the 1776 outfit; including the little things like gloves and stockings etc.


Sarah Ronchetti said... Best Blogger Tips

Well done! I am very impressed. I really like that jacket!

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