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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

When is it too much rain?

On Thursday night we got a knock on the window to tell us we couldn't use the driveway exit as they were putting a pump hose across it to move sewerage into the open drain that runs down the side of our property, the grass verge did not cope well.

Our lawn is not normally this waterlogged

The path does not normally require gumboots

Nor does this area normally require them

This is however not unusual since the earthquakes moved our land around

Nor is this, but it is rather worse than normal after rain.

This is the highest it's ever been, this is the normally just rain filled drain, now flavoured with sewerage (I saw loo paper in here).   It's usually about 2" off the bottom, this time it reached the ground level

The pipe carrying the icky bits, and our verge which is not the best at this point

Finally the view down the street to Gainsborough.   They were 3' deep in water at one point on the road and I hope for their sakes it didn't end up in their houses.  In the 13 years we've lived in this house it's never flooded, certainly nothing like this before.
Luckily it's stopped raining, the flood water was pumped down our drain, which meant me checking it fairly frequently in the hopes it didn't break its banks and the drain is now down to about 6" off the bottom which is much better; at least I think it's 6", it's hard to tell through the mucky stuff that's masquerading as water down there.

In renovation news our floor was meant to be down today, unfortunately we hit a snag, quite an expensive snag in as far as the flooring we have has reacted too much to temperature changes after being stored in the conservatory (post earthquake, pre-quake it was in the dining room) and is not prepared to stay put.   We have to buy new flooring, and we chose it this afternoon, not happy and we're going to see if we can claim on EQC/insurance as it would have been fine had we not had to wait for EQC to get things sorted.   Not holding my breath on that one though.
That long line?  That was what should be going in this room, but it's bowed on the ends and won't stay stuck.
The one we're going to use is the one on the right, it's darker in real life, and will work in well with the rest of the flooring in the house, which is also dark.   It'll contrast well with the wall and furniture too.
I'll pick the new flooring up tomorrow, hoping it'll be laid on Saturday as all the prep work has been done.   Wish us luck!

In knitting news I've got a few rows into the cushion cover and am not sure if my floats are long enough, but it's hard to tell on circulars, I think it should block ok.
Ian's socks are almost to the end of the ribbing on the first one.
No sewing, can't move in my sewing room, or the lounge either.


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