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Monday, June 03, 2013

Not even time to breathe!

At least that's what it feels like at the moment.   Lots going on with the repairs, the roof is completed, and that was just before our first snowstorm of the winter (much earlier than normal).   Inside is getting there, the boys room is almost finished, and the shower room is finished (they were doing the ceiling, I did the walls).   I'll post a completed photo later.

Very little knitting as I've got urgent work and I'm so distracted at the moment my hours are all weird.

Scaffolding to keep the roofie safe.   This went up a day and a half late and the weather closed in the day after it came down.

Several bits of furniture now look like this, and the floor is covered in plastic too.

The only bit of knitting I've got much done on was the fingerless mitts for Ian's teacher aide

The lovely Spud and Chloe yarn that I won, it arrived but Dh put it somewhere safe and I got it a fortnight late.

My weaving, not got much done on that either, but done a wee bit of practicing.   I've now got it ready to start a new section that will hopefully be something lovely.

Gratuitous cat photo.   Star was I think stuck, it took a bit of manouvering to get her back out.
This week the painter will I hope finish our room, the laundry and the lounge and get a fair bit done on the dining/kitchen area.   Then I can plaster the laundry walls and get them ready to paint before the flooring gets done.   The tiler will also be doing the bench tile and the conservatory grouting this week and hopefully the plumber and painter will get the toilet completed too.
There's still a little to be done outside with the mortar and 2 stone blocks to replace on the south wall.    The garage plans are almost ready to go the council, will be glad to have that underway.

I really want to get back to normal though, I've got knitting to do for the guild as well as for Dh and youngest.    Plus I'd really like to get our house back to just us.


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