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Friday, June 14, 2013

Photo's will come, I promise

But for the moment I'm too busy!   The professional painter finished on Friday, the builder finished outside this week and he re-grouted the tiles in the conservatory, if the grout cracks again then we need to get Fix-It to put a variation in to EQC.   We'll see what happens on that.    We have a new toilet as well.
The only 2 things we're still waiting on from the house repair are the tiler to replace the kitchen bench hot-tile and the chap who's going to resurface the shower base.   I wish they'd hurry up!
I don't count the flooring, cos although it's being done through Fix-It the job is not earthquake related, even if the earthquakes did put it off for several years.
In the meantime I've just finished (I hope, won't know till daylight tomorrow) painting the laundry.   Interesting fact on this, my plastering which isn't as good as I wanted, is no worse than that of the painter who's been doing it for years.   At least now the wallboards are all sealed, so if there's a leak from the tub then it won't do any damage if we get to it quickly.   There was evidence that there has been one in the past, wallpaper does not seal a wall and the original owners didn't put gib-sealer on the walls.  Now there is sealer and 2 coats of Resene Robins Egg Blue in a semi-gloss finish; much better.

There's only one room left to paint now aside from the lounge (which we like as it is), that's the boys room, but it'll wait till after George moves into what is currently my sewing room and that depends on when the garage goes up.   The plans are at the council, no timeframe on that and if you've been watching the news you'll know why I say that.   I'm figuring probably 8 weeks, but I'm happy to be pleasantly surprised.  Oh, and I do need to paint the doors and window frames, but no hurry on that one.

In crafting news there's been no sewing due to a distinct lack of room in the sewing room, there has been some knitting on Thomas' socks, I'm now up to the gusset decreases, and I've cast on for the sheep cushion cover for the guild rooms.   I'm using the Snowy Sheep Pillow pattern but I've changed it to knit in the round with a steek; gonna cut my knitting for the first time!
I may have visited Knitworld's sale too, got 2 jersey lots of yarn, 1 DK and 1 worsted weight.


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