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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fratello Finished and Interweave Knits Review

This is going to be a fairly busy blog post.   1st of all a photo of the surprise blogtoberfest package I won
As you can see there was a red theme.  2 covered buttons, a small thimble, a trowel and fork pair of buttons, a print ribbon, 1 skein of embroidery floss and some gorgeous fat quarters.   It was well worth the wait!   The Crafty Librarian was the blog I won this from.

Next thing is Fratello is finally finished!  George likes it and so do I.  The cable doesn't show well in photo's  but it looks fine in real life.  I did make one adjustment to the pattern, I added some 2x2 rib to the bottom of the sleeve so it won't curl up
Excuse the funny look on his face, I couldn't get a good photo.

In other news the kittens are gorgeous and growing and wanting out!

as you can see, this is both of them attempting to get to the doorhandle to open it.   Luckily they haven't succeeded yet.  Oh, and Ray it turns out is a girl, so we have 2 wee girls

Interweave Knits Winter 2010

Yes, it's that time again.  It arrived earlier in the week and now I'm going to go through and say what I think of each pattern and what changes need to be made to make them nicer.

This isn't one of their best efforts, if I'd seen it in the shop I probably wouldn't have bought it, but having a sub, I do have it.

The Charvet Pullover:
This has potential, I'm not sure if it's a round neck or V, but it's not too wide.  I think the shoulders are a little too wide on the model they've chosen and I'd lengthen the sleeves and body.  I probably won't knit it even with those ammendments though, it just doesn't have enough 'wow' factor for me.

Zoe Scheffy's Latvian Braid Mitts:
These I like very much, enough texture to be interesting and with a touch of colour.   Might put these in the queue.

Barclay Sweater:
Not really my thing, can't see DH in it, though in black, charcoal and grey he might consider it, there are more suitable patterns out there for him though.  Neckline is a little wide.

Flowering Plum Pullover:
Don't like this much at all, doesn't fit very well under the arms.  I think it might work better in a more subtle colour selection.  The purple and white is a little too stark.

Kinetic Cowl:
Fairly basic looking, but with being bias I'd expect a little more drape, maybe the gauge is a little tight.  I think if it draped more it would be very pretty.

Lollipop Cap:
Looks more like a beret to me, but that's just semantics.  It is a nice hat once again in different colours, maybe navy instead of white.  I would knit it.

Spoked Hat:
I really like this wee hat, it's feminine, classic and sweet all at the same time, this I would knit.   Nicely fitted and should be easy to knit.  Would look good on a guy too I suspect.

Isobel Skirt:
There is potential here, but it needs to be longer, just too short  for me.

Prism Pullover:
Where's the full sized photo of the front?   Mind you the photo of the back puts me off completely.  Too low in the back, shapeless and from what you can see on the tiny front photo in the instructions it's just as bad from the front.

Evergreen Vest:
I like this, slightly rustic looking.  I think I'd ditch the pockets as they just spoil the line of the front, but aside from that it's practical and would be fantastic on the farm or doing outdoor work in winter.

Tuckernuck Cardigan:
This is gorgeous, if I had a little girl she'd be getting this in a heartbeat, in fact I'd drop what I was knitting now for it.  However I don't so if anyone asks me for a cute girl cardigan I'll point them to the magazine.

Crocus Cardigan:
I'd knit this for me, but longer n the body and sleeves.  Aside from that love the shape and the front panel pattern.

Slouchy Cable Pullover:
Once again shapeless, sleeves too short and neck too low.  Yuck.

Galvanised Cardigan:
I quite like this, it's a basic cardigan with a little embroidery to highlight the rib details on the collar, cuffs and hem.  Simple, but effective and with a raglan sleeve.

Ginevra's Pullover:
I like the idea of this, but something's not quite right with the real thing.  I think it's the level that the laceweight goes down to, it's not low enough to be an empire, but too low for a flattering standard neckline it's also too wide at the shoulder.  Would have worked better with just a couple of inches less width.

Oslo Walk Shawl:
This is more of a scarf than a shawl to me due to the width, however it's still very pretty and I think will be on the list for a later knit.

Winter Wren Cardigan:
Parts of this I like, others I hate.  Love the colours and fair-isle style, however it doesn't work with the ruffles. Make it longer in body and sleeves, deruffle it and change the fastening and I'd knit it.

Thandie Funnel Neck:
This I love as is, no changes required.  Love the combination of yarns, love the neck, length; everything.

Pinked Socks:
I like these well enough, but I'm confident enough in colourwork that it's a bit simplistic now.  Would look fantastic in black and white though

Art Deco Argyle Stockings:
I'd use different colours, probably more traditional ones, but I do like these.  I do think they made them a touch too long for the model though.

Stranded Boot Stockings:
Traditional Norweigan style knee socks, I hate the colour they've used, but love the pattern.  Unfortunately they're not exactly unique.

Alpha Stockings:
I like these a lot, I like twisted stitches and they look really good in a knee high.  Will definitely keep these in mind.

Pavo Slipper Socks:
I like that they have sizes for children and adults, but probably won't knit them as I prefer longer socks.

Houndstooth and a Half Jacket:
What on earth were they thinking?  It's the wrong colours, the yarn's too heavy, pattern too large and.....
I think this one needs redesigning from scratch.

Gloucester Coat:
I like the look of it, but would like a picture with the hood up.  From what I can see my interest is piqued and I'll be watching it on Ravelry for pictures of other people's creations.  I love the cables.

Ginza Sport Coat:
No man I know would be caught dead in this.  DH thinks it's hideous, and I have to agree.  Yuk, looks like something that Grandpa put in the shed for doing his gardening in cos Nana wouldn't let it in the house.

Burnham Wood Capelet:
This I like, nice shaping, a little tight on the model, but that's easily rectified.  I like the closures too.

Ok, that's it for this.  On a related note though, does anyone know where I put the scarf I finished a couple of weekends back?   I can't find it and I need to find it tonight!


KathyR said... Best Blogger Tips

As usual, an interesting review, Rachelle. You said at the beginning that you wouldn't ahve bought the mag if you hadn't had a sub but you did seem to like quite a few of the patterns...! For a couple of different shots of the Gloucester Coat, go to the Interweave site and look at the bonus photos there (a convoluted process, I know).

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

You're right Kathy I did like quite a few of them, but very few had that instant "I must knit this" thing going on. So I wouldn't have bought it, I certainly won't sell it though.

L~ said... Best Blogger Tips

I pretty much agree with your review on all of the patterns.:-) I am planning on making the Gloucester Coat cause I have a thing for cables and I like the swingy-ness of the design. May add side-seam pockets to it, which I think would make it a bit more wearer friendly for me.

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