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Saturday, November 06, 2010

English Leicester

It's what I'm currently spinning, I need to have it finished by Saturday next week as it's our "focus on fleece" for this month.   I've done one single using the fleece we were sold and will be doing another in the other direction.   This may seem odd, but I'm planning a boucle yarn with the boucle part being a dyed English Leicester.
So I'll be plying the coloured single with the original one and then using the single spun the other way as a binder; I'll be overplying the first ones.

This is the fibre I'm using, I'm flick carding it before spinning fairly fine.   It could probably spin finer, but this is the first time I've spun English Leicester like this and I don't want rope.
I'll be working on this tomorrow hopefully as well as the Fratello mystery KAL for George.  Work as well of course.

I did get one thing finished today though, a WWII Watch Cap.  It's knitted in one of my earlier handspun yarns, a superwash Merino and it's rather nice.   It fits my big noggin, but is meant for a smaller one.   I only have a photo of it on me though, so here it is.  Not the best photo of me, so please just look at the hat.

I'm not really that colour, but late night flash is not flattering, especially when self photographing.

In other news....
George is at Judo camp with his Dad and it sounds like it's going well, he was dry last night which was great!  He's also not been overly silly which is also good; I'm looking forward to hearing all about it when they get home tomorrow.

Ian went to a birthday party today; Grandma dropped him off and I picked him up 2 hours later.  He behaved himself well, no meltdowns or anything and had a fantastic time; he was on a sugar high afterwards.   Wasn't as bad as I expected to get to bed though; he'll get some Xbox tomorrow as a reward, he's earned it!


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