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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Had an appointment for George to see a child psychiatrist this morning at Whakatata House after the various assessments that have been done so far.  School think he's Aspergers/ASD, the psychiatrist says he definitely has some indicators, but he's leaning in the ADHD direction.  Ritalin was mentioned, but will be relooked at next year by them to see if a different teacher makes a difference in George's concentration issues.   His current teacher, while a lovely lady is not a good mesh with George.  He needs someone who will put their foot down in the right way for him.
Thomas and I don't think Ritalin is the way to go, George isn't overactive, just a bit silly.  He also needs to learn how to concentrate on stuff he doesn't like without drugs, drugs just mask the problem, they don't teach how to deal with it.  The silly thing is if he's interested in something he's got fantastic concentration!
I'm going to have to do some research on all this, but at the end of the day we're not putting drugs into a developing body.  We are reducing junk food, there are no more oven fries in this house, no more coco puffs for breakfast.  Eventually I'd like to work towards a more natural way of life, but that will take some time and some work as Ian in particular is a fussy eater.
More baking though, problem with that is I tend to eat it.

Oh, and our swimming pool (plastic with metal frame) is dying, seams are splitting and the frame is not well either.  Keeping an eye open for something similar that's cheap.  Wish me luck!


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