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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

some sewing

My latest sewing, 2 tops for Ian using a 2 way stretch knit from Fabric Vision's remnants table. I think it cost about $4 for both. The one on the top has velvet iron-on's in an aboriginal style print. The flame was a free-hand fabric paint attempt. It's still holding up quite well a month or so later. Both boys want to wear it, they both fit the same size in tops now!

The jersey I knitted in 14 ply thick'n'thin yarn for a friend's son. Apparently it fits really well, a bit long in the sleeves, but that's not a bad thing for growing boys. The yarn was Naturally Colormate 100% wool. Nice to work with and quite soft. I'm going to do one for one of my boys for next winter in Teal (I love knitworld sales!)

I made these trousers for our neighbours newborn. They're size 1, so will be for next winter but they are so cute. An Ottobre pattern, I used remnants from the last pair I made (which I forgot to photograph before posting off). The brown was the remnant and the red goes so well with it! My neighbours were surprised, but pleased to get them; and I got to meet their 6 week old son who was very cute and having a good look around.


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