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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Peak Oil

Well this is my final post for today, the others were catch-up posts; this one is addressing an issue that rather worries me. I'm mostly worried about how it will affect my ability to access supplies to keep Ian from descending back into grumpy Autistic child. He's on Efalex fish oil and has improved greatly, the idea of not being able to source that anymore is rather scary. I'm hoping that peak oil will be further off than believed and that when it comes bio-fuel will still be able to be used for shipping so that we can still get that sort of thing.
I'm not too worried about power or food here as we are a mainly agricultural country and most of our power is hydro, with some coal. If we stop selling our coal off to China we should be ok on that front too, at least ok for long enough to adapt. I can see the possibility of rationing though, similar to what happened in WWII in England. Our access to free wood for the fire may be compromised though as we won't be able to drive out to the farm to get it, hopefully they might get a horse and cart and we can sort something out for that (the chainsaw might not be working though)
Funny, you don't realise just how much oil is necessary in our society until you sit down and think it through. Although I work in an industry that makes woollens a lot of that depends on transportation, the dryers are run on gas and I couldn't fit many jerseys on the back of the push bike.

Just been watching the news on another front. They're going to be asking all women and children who go into hospital if they've been victims of abuse. What about the abused men? I think it's a bit shortsighted concentrating on just women and children. Sure they are the main groups that are affected, but there are men who are in the same situation who find it even more difficult to talk about it as it's not considered "manly".


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