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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Covid-19 lockdown in NZ

So on Monday it was announced that New Zealand would be on a four week lockdown from midnight on Wednesday (today).  Essential services are still running which includes food supplies, pharmacies, doctors (though not face to face unless absolutely necessary).  There's been some bickering over what constitutes an essential store, last I heard The Warehouse was saying it'd be open; our Prime Minister wasn't convinced since they are a general store who happens to have some food stocks; they're not primarily a food shop.   Bunnings was also saying they're essential and I can see some sense in that, a hardware store could be handy in a plumbing emergency; though plumbers and electricians will still be working.
We've had our chimney clean postponed until who knows when; pretty sure it was cleaned last year so should be safe to use and it's only a couple of years old and we've only used dry wood which reduces creosote risk.
I really hope everyone takes this seriously and doesn't go out and meet people outside their own home.  I also hope that the government takes sufficient measures to ensure people don't lose their homes over this; they have taken some for people with mortgages but not much for rental properties aside from a rent freeze.  For those who've lost their jobs a rent freeze isn't sufficient help unfortunately.

I've just checked my essential supplies and I'm good for elastic and for interfacing and I have enough fabric for a lot of sewing, plus yarn, fibre and haberdashery supplies are all good.  Food is also fine for at least another week and a half so we can hunker down till that runs out.  I'm starting to cut out fabric to sew so that I can give Dh back his whiteboard gaming table for work.  He does know if I run out of things to sew I'll need it back to do more cutting out though.  He should be ok with that, the first two things I've cut out are for him!
This pile has 2 pairs of cargo pants cut out, both primarily corduroy but one is using some wool flannel that wasn't enough to do anything with by itself; there's some piecing as the corduroy wasn't quite long enough to make pants for Dh either so the knees are flannel along with the pockets and belt keepers.  Should look good I think and gets 3 lots of fabric out of the stash.  I'm also looking for shirt fabric for Dh, according to my very out of date spreadsheet I have some possibilities so I don't need to go out looking which is good.  Even though there is a fabric store open today I'm not keen on going out if it's not necessary.

My other project will be to work on the chair; I now have some cotton batting courtesy of a guild friend so it's possible to actually get it finished; no more horse hair available, but we will make do.

One thing I've done that I shouldn't is to give into the stress and buy sugary snacks.  Will have to make sure I don't get more next pay since they do affect my health.  I already have the post nasal drip which they cause for me and a throat pressure issue (this is standard for me when I overindulge).  I still have some left but after today will have to stop completely and eat fruit instead.  Much better for me and our local fruit and vege shop will be available so I can stock up there if I run out.  We've offered to let our front neighbours pick some of our pears if they want; they just need to let us know so we don't get close by accident; their son loves pears so it'll help them out and us since we can't keep up with the tree.


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