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Thursday, June 22, 2017

On health and teens

Well I finally have an answer to my funny head issues, I have a sinus infection with a reasonable amount of inflammation.  I'm now on antibiotics which I didn't really want (candida loves them), but considering this has been going on for 2 years now and flared much worse recently I'm biting the bullet.  I'm following up each antibiotic capsule with garlic and then probiotics to hopefully limit the damage the antibiotics do, and I'm keeping up my clean diet.  Lunch today:  grilled chicken with kale with apple cider vinegar for a dressing.  No sugar, no carbs and no clue what I'll eat on Saturday when I'm out at guild.

Teenagers - youngest was a troll tonight, he recently turned 13 so we now officially have 2 teens.  He's being a bit of an emotional rollercoaster both at school and at home, tonight he didn't want to go to bed and was hitting things on the way there.  I did not have a great deal of sympathy when he hurt his hand, does that make me a bad mother?  I figure the fact that he's lived to be a teenager makes me a good mother, I've kept him alive!  Now to try and keep the waters relatively calm until he grows out of the volatile stage in several years, sigh.  His brother is a little better, at least he doesn't hit things, though I'm pretty sure he called me something very unpleasant earlier when I refused to let him have toast 10 minutes before bed.  One day I'll look back on all this and laugh, now I just pray to survive intact.

I've been doing a little sewing, and swatching and cleaning of the new loom, but nothing much to show yet, photos will come when there's something worth photographing.  My swatch needs larger needles, so that's a wee bit away before I can start the cardigan too.


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