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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sorry for the delay

I've been busy!  Finally finished youngest's room and I'm really happy with it.  It cost more than expected with tools for the plastering, a need for a fresh pail of sealant paint since the one I'd planned on using had gone off and more of the main colour since I didn't have enough, but here it is.
and he loves it too.
On the knitting front I've done some more sock knitting:
Finished my first gradient sock in the Melisandre pattern

and got halfway through the first sock for youngest in a vanilla sock out of my head.  The second sock won't match, there was a knot in the yarn which was not in pattern!
I've done more weaving and I've got a new loom too which requires some work
no name as yet, but this is the 8-shaft Macomber I mentioned last time.  I need to get some more heddles and replace some bits, including the apron strings.
And last weekend I got to go to Festival which was held in Christchurch for the first time in 17 years.  I spent a little more than I should have, but I had warned Dh that was a possibility.  Another jumbo bobbin for Esme and she got a once over from Majacraft too.  I biked there and back on Saturday and Sunday, Friday I got Dh to drop me off though since Esme is not bike friendly.
I won this one in a raffle, it's sparkles to blend into fibre for spinning; I do like a little glitz

This is a true blue based red in merino/silk.  I should also have a photo of another braid in blue/green/black tartan sock fibre too, but can't find it.

2 cones of tencel to try weaving with, this might be the first project on the Macomber once she's up and running.

This one and the one above are for a shawl, I've got 2 possible patterns in mind

and this is for socks for Dh.
I also bought something before festival that I've been wanting for some time...
This rainbow beauty will be another shawl, isn't it yummy?
It's school holidays at the moment, so I'm not getting a lot of crafting or exercise done.  A walk each day with the boys is still happening though and I did hit the loom this afternoon.  I'm also catching up on housework which was abandoned while I was painting.   Still more to do though and a few things to list on Trademe to help pay for the recent hideous bill influx, can't believe how many things needed to be replaced in the way of clothes and footwear as well as the paint and there was car stuff too.  Plus I'm still saving for the amalgam filling replacement and the loom stuff, sigh.  I need to delve into the cupboards to see if there's anything else I can sell and maybe put some of the yarn I no longer need on there too.


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