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Saturday, April 08, 2017

Radio Silence

I've been busy, but mostly not stuff that's worth putting on here yet. 

There's been sewing - working on the quilt for our bed from some years ago

Knitting - socks started and progressed, but not yet photographed

Weaving - a few inches done on Abigail, loving how the project is looking, hating the loom.  As a result I've just purchased a new to me Macomber 8-shaft loom.  Need to finish Abigail's project so I can sell her (she's a good loom, but not for me)
Twill weave on 8 shafts in carpet wool.  This is for a bag.

Spinning - been doing some special work for Kate of Heavenly Wools (she's on Etsy) so she has some yarn to show what her lovely fluff looks like when spun up for Festival later this month.
Haunui and Silk gradient Navajo plied
Undyed Haunui, plied with sewing thread with beads on it.  This will be a hat and the idea is to look like it has raindrops.

Decorating - removed 2 layers of wallpaper from youngest's room, then sanded the walls and fixed some plaster issues (raw gib edges are not a good thing, and covering them with wallpaper doesn't fix them). Still have at least 1 more plaster layer to do with sanding, probably 2 and then I can seal the walls.

Dealing with teenage hormones in an ASD boy, he's not on an even keel so we've got to try to stay on one for him, not the easiest.

Still having pain issues, but a bit better, possibly due to lots of exercise.  I've been biking most days, only missed the stormy ones and once my bike lights arrive I'll be doing it in the rain too.


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like you're getting lots done!

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