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Saturday, January 17, 2015


There are many distractions from crafting in my life.   Obviously there's family and work (both important) and then there's the work that needs doing on the property.

Last week was spent prepping and then painting every windowframe in the house; they now all look like this:
Nicely white, with 3 coats of gloss enamel and 1 of primer where needed.
The latter part of this week has been spent moving pavers from the garden pile to the end of the driveway as we sold them on Trademe.    There were a total of 1775 which weighed 5.8kg each.   I think I moved close to half of them and was working with minimal breaks for 2 days.   Today we've been helping load them on the purchaser's trailer
This is what's left after 3 loads have left.
I have managed a little spinning and some prep work on my next spinning project
3 skeins of romney (dyed) and one of the everlasting perendale

Halfway through flick carding the East Fresian wool, planning on spinning this for socks and the silk that came with it will be spun for embroidering on the socks.
 The East Fresian is very much like a down breed, and I love down breeds for socks so I think this will work out well.
While doing all this I've been drinking either this stuff or Bundaberg Creaming Soda; both very yummy in the heat.
I've also been weeding, wasn't that long ago we got the whole section cleared, now it's back to a weedy jungle.   The lawn needs mowing too, but I'm loath to do that when the bees love it so much!

No real knitting, well, 2 rows of my socks and 4 on the shawl plus a lifeline, but I think the above may have some impact on that.   I've also printed out 2 sewing patterns and am in the process of trimming them and sticking them together.  One is for my regency stays, the other for workout pants; polar opposites, but both necessary.   I need to finish the stays by the end of the month (eeep!) and the pants by 15th February for the competition.
I will be working on the bits with deadlines first; so that's the stays, the workout pants, the East Fresian spin and then the shawl as it's 1st quarter finish.

I guess that's it for now, hoping I might get a week without major physical labour and that I'll still get some time for little workouts.


Katherine said... Best Blogger Tips

Busy times. Not much different here but I have managed some spinning too. Love the yarns you have spun and the colour of the fleece you are in the middle of prepping. I am just about to put the last half a box of my yarn stash onto raverlry after I have a blog around lol. That wont take very long to do either.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

That is a lot of physical labour!!! I bet it looks great though, to have your windows done and the pavers out of the way. I decided to have a rebellion moment from the drudgery of unpacking and sorting today and had a glorious day of knitting. I hope you get some good spinning time soon. The fibre looks lovely!

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