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Monday, November 04, 2013


Sore throat, runny nose, post-nasal drip.   I think I'm coming down with a cold, though it could just be nasty hayfever; I guess I'll find out fairly soon.
Oh well, at least I can continue to function with a cold; I think I'll increase the probiotics though, help my immune system along, and no matter what I'm going out and getting a new cellphone tomorrow.   The special I want to take advantage of finishes tomorrow and my current phone has real space issues; not surprising with only 170mb of phone storage and restrictions on what can be moved to the SD card.

Today was spent partly spending some of the money the insurance company gave us for earthquake repairs on the section.    I bought 3 fence posts and most of the hardware we need to replace the damaged posts.   Still have to get them in, but at least they're on the property now and ready to go.

I'm halfway through the heel flap of the sock pattern I'm test knitting.   Loving the way it's shaping up so far, even if this is the second time to knit this bit.  Better that I have to do that than future knitters of the pattern though; would hate to have people put off such a lovely sock.

I have my loom now too, it's beautiful, or will be once I put it together.    Since we have at least 3 months before the garage is available I'm trying to decide whether to put it up now, or leave it till its new home is available.    I actually gave Fran a hug when I picked it up, I'm not normally a huggy person, but this is such a big thing I had to.


Maria said... Best Blogger Tips

my grandmother had a loom - a proper 2 x 2 x 2 m giant that took up most of the room, and wow did she make some beautiful stuff with it! my grandfather built it for her when they were younger, out of salvaged bits of wood and metal he got from the mine he was working at.

it was rarely used in summer, because they were out most of the day working in the garden or selling veggies at the market, but in wintertime when nights were long and landscape snow-covered, my grandmother weaved rugs on it - out of scrap fabrics and wool. whenever someone had a wornout dress to throw out, they gave it to my grandmother instead, she cut it into strips and made rugs with it.

all of our family had her rugs, long runners in hallways and short strips in toilets, in front of beds and sofas and... everywhere.

i've often thought about that loom, and wonder about one day when martyn will make me one, too, and then i can make rugs.

Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

I hope you're feeling better soon!

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