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Sunday, August 25, 2013

And now, it's finished!

Well, the knitting part is finished.   It still needs to be backed and have a zip put in so I can truly call it a cushion.   As this is to end up at the guild rooms (which are getting closer; the concrete slab was poured this week), one of the other members has offered to felt a backing for the cushion, also in natural wools.  Looking forward to finishing it.
Starting to cut the steek

All cut, you can see the floats on the back; insufficient light for a decent photograph

Blocking on my ironing board; I steam blocked it which I haven't done before.
I also did the heel turn for my sock; no photo of that I'm afraid. 

Yesterday there was also a reasonable amount of spinning; some at the guild and then when I got home we had a visitor so I pulled the wheel out so I could keep busy but still be present (I can spin and interact at the same time).   Thomas' cousin I think quite enjoyed watching me and his parents while surprised (I normally knit) weren't unhappy.

Once they had gone to the airport we got back in the garden.   Vege patch has been turned over, don't know if we'll get anything planted in it this spring though, it'll get trampled when the garage is going in.    George got to chopping a tree branch that Thomas had brought down; had a great time with the axe after he was taught how to use it properly.
My little lumberjack.
He finished chopping through this bit shortly after the photo's were taken.   Today his grandfather is bringing the chainsaw over to finish the rest; he's not wanting (or allowed) to use that though.
This tree had to come down despite it being a nice tree as it was going to be in the way of the new building.  
Speaking of that, there have been some developments with the garage.   We got a call from Skyline to say the council wasn't going to let the building go ahead due to flood plains.   Since the earthquakes the flood plain has moved; we weren't originally on it, but now we are.   Also they're using the 200 year flood, not the 50 year flood that they previously used.   We needed to raise the floor by 30cm!    That's a lot and is not something we'd expect our neighbours to agree to, not to mention the large expense involved.  Skyline talked to the council and have come back with an alternative.    It will now agree to let us build on the current level if the building is no longer containing sleepouts, the rooms will now need to be a games room and office; and the walls have to be concrete up to that 30cm level (more cost).   We won't be able to sell the place as including sleepouts, but I'm sure people would use then like that anyway.   The gib plasterboard will start at the top of the concrete.   We're just waiting on cost now, they can do it by forming and then pouring concrete thank goodness which is cheaper than doing it with blockwork.

In the meantime I'm going to keep crafting and I'll update you if there's further progress.   
Still hopeful for a garage by Christmas, but not holding my breath.


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