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Monday, November 12, 2012

100 Day Hustle Update

1. Knit Breakwater Jersey for me - cast on, neck complete, but on hold for a KAL
2. George's quilt - dragon fabric arrived today - Almost finished, just a little FMQ in the border, then will trim and bind and it'll be done
3. Make my dress for summer - not even started
4. Polarfleece Vest for Thomas -
not started
5. Finish knitted vest for Ian
- also on hold due to KAL and urgent quilts
6. Put all sewing (not quilting) fabric into spreadsheet - more of this done, still quite a bit to go
7.  Finish CPH - on hold while doing KAL
8. Our quilt - sigh, been bumped down the list
9. Make Thomas more socks - on hold for KAL
10. Make me more socks, including travel socks which are now up to the heel flap. - first sock complete, 18 rows off heel flap on second

2 new things to add
1. swim bags for next term - found a bag that will do the job!
2. shorts for George- not started due to quilts

Doesn't really look like much has happened, does it?   However this list was put in place with no real concept as to how long it takes to quilt a whole single bed sized quilt and without knowing I'd get sucked into a shawl KAL.

I think I need to revise the list, everything on it still needs doing, but I'm going to be more realistic with what actually will get done in the next 50 days.

1.  Complete George's quilt - this will happen by the end of this week at the latest
2.  Get David and Karen's quilt cut out, pieced, quilted and bound before Christmas
3.  Make fudge for presents for teachers and teacher aides.
4.  Finish Travelling Sock 
5.  Frau Holle KAL shawl - last clue is out 20th December so this one may be a stretch
6. Get my dress toile at least started

Hopefully I'll get the others worked on after Christmas, I'd really love to pare that list down to manageable proportions.


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