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Monday, July 04, 2011

Sewing! and Tour de Fleece day 2

A busy weekend on the crafting side.  On Saturday Mum and I went to a local craft market which we enjoyed with no spending.   Some nice stuff, but much aimed at people with younger children than mine.  Got some nice unchlorinated water from Mums before coming home.
I managed to then finish my first handspun Merino/Silk sock, did the last knitting on Friday night, had to wait till I could get on Youtube for the reminder on how to graft the toe.   Once done though, I tried her on and she's perfect!

I then got onto the sewing, I've finished 3 tops, all the same style in various shades of purple and started 2 tunic tops which will hopefully be finished later this week
George took the photo, it's slightly fuzzy but you get the idea.
On the spinning front I finished the first half of Merino/Silk
and got started on the silk hankies
I have 20g and am planning on spinning them and then Navajo plying them, love the way they're spinning up even if it's a little hard on the hands


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