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Monday, April 18, 2011

Make do and Mend

That's what I decided to do with my one remaining pair of Merino/Possum socks.  They normally only get worn in bed and have worn really thin on the heel
Normal darning wasn't an option as it needed to stretch, duplicate stitch was going to take forever, so instead I picked up some stitches and started knitting
On the way down I picked up a stitch on the starting side of each new row, and about every 4th row I picked up 4 stitches as I went and knit them together with the needled stitches so that the old was connected to the new
A couple of hours later and both socks had knitted on patches, still comfy and should last a couple more years all going well.

I got to a certain point with Amory
and despite loving it realised I won't ever get the chance to wear it.   It's extremely elegant and would look lovely in an airconditioned office, but not so good at home or out shopping.  As a result I've frogged it and have now cast on for an adult sized Spring Garden Tee which should get a lot more wear next summer
I've only got the cast on done so far as there was much else to do today, being first day of the holidays.
I've hanked up my last lot of spinning which I can't show you atm as it's going to be part of a swap, it's a lovely blue Perendale though, whomever gets it should love it.   I've also hemmed the curtains for the sliding door and put them up, still one lot to go, but it looks great!
They're still a touch long, but I like that, the other ones let a draft in.  Ian loved the box they arrived in this morning
He looks contemplative.

I've pulled out of the shawl test I was going to do, the date being put back clashed with other things I needed to do, so it was better as there was no way I could manage everything.   Hopefully this way the Spring Garden Tee will get finished and I'll have a chance to do George's mittens (if he's dry for 7 days in a row).  He did 5, then 1 wet so we started again with a dry this morning.  Fingers crossed.
I've also ordered some yarn for Mum to knit him another plain jersey and found a jacket pattern that will hopefully work with the coned yarn she's got.  The one I like best is an American College style jacket that would look really cool.

Tomorrow is supposed to be fine, hope they're right as it would be nice to go to the gardens or somewhere for a part of the day; some family time.


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