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Friday, April 01, 2011

Interweave Crochet Spring 2011

I suspect this might be the last one on my subscription, and if I had the money it might persuade me to keep getting it.  Unfortunately I don't have the money though, and I've not yet done much crochet so it's not worth it anyway.   I have some crochet books too, so when I do get started I have plenty of options; several of which are in this magazine!

On to the review:
Bluebell Cardigan - This is rather pretty, sleeves are a touch too long for the model, but it fits well aside from that and appears to have some shaping.   Would be a lovely coverup for coolish autumn/spring days.

Freesia Pullover - This does absolutely nothing for me, something about it screams '80's, all it's missing is the shoulder pads.  It's shapeless and would be impossible to fit a coat over.  Only thing I like about it is the colour.

Dahlia Shawl - this on the other hand is beautiful!   Lovely main pattern and the edging is gorgeous too.   It seems to sit well on the model too.   I think this may actually be queued, don't know when it'll get done as I don't think my crochet skills are up to it yet, but it's something to aim for.

Dew Drop Bracelet - Meh.   This is really not something I'd ever make, and I can't really find anything in it that I like, the greeny one looks like an accident and the red one looks like meat.

Zoe Cardigan - Cute enough, but looks very much like the stuff in my '70's crochet book.  Nothing new.

Magic Carpet Blanket - This I rather like, reminds me of a quilt and should be fairly easy for me to do if I choose to.  Will have to think on it though, it's a lot of work.

Clarence the Monkey - Very cute wee amigurimi monkey, would consider making this to see if I like making amigurimi.  Looks like it's all in single crochet which I can definitely manage; but no way would i be doing it in acrylic (I think that's what Red Heart Soft is)

Broomstick Lace - This is an article on how to do it, which considering there's a pattern further into the book that uses it could be considered to be useful.  It doesn't appeal that much to me, but looks like it should be pretty easy.

Cupcake Sweater - I like the wee sleeves on this, but not sure about the top part, seems too dense for the rest.  I think I'd want less of an angle on the peplum opening too, just doesn't look quite right to me.  I'm pretty sure this model is the same as the one in the next picture, but the top just kills her beautiful figure.  In this she has no bust or waist.

Petal Pullover - This is gorgeous!  Seems to have some shape, nice smooth scooped neck and a short sleeve which works well with the rest of the top.  Would work brilliantly over a long-sleeved top as in the photo, but I could also see it over a camisole top on a warmer day.   They've used what I think is a linen yarn, but I think it would work well in a wool too.

Chamomile Cardigan - This is the broomstick lace project, this is pretty, reminds me of something that a Victorian lady might wear over her nightgown, but it's not something that would be practical in my lifestyle.

Chain Reaction Afghan Project - This is basically a selection of different granny squares that can be used in a blanket (afghan).  I really like 3 of them, the other 2 are ok, but would probably look a lot better in different colours; I really have problems seeing past burnt orange and faded lime.

Ginger Sweater - Very cute for a wee girl, though I don't know if I'd use a contrast for the lace ruffle.

Fred Sweater - Looks like something my Grandfather would have worn while everyone else in the family flinched and tried not to look at him.  I think it's all the pockets; maybe with only 1 or 2 pockets, but even then I wouldn't put my children in it.

Daisy and Mini Dresses - In a different colourway this would be really cute, again with the faded lime green for some reason.   In shades of blue I think it would work well.

Hannah and Hallie Play Sets - This is a mix of crochet and knitting on one of the sets, and all crochet on the other one.  Same styling in both of a wee 3/4 sleeved top and a pair of woolen trousers.  I think these are kind of cute and I could see real children wearing them without bribery and corruption coming to play.

Hialeah Bag - A nice bag, once again with the faded lime, but I can see past that on this one and would consider making it with some pockets inside the lining.

Orlando Vest - Looks like brown chainmail, definitely not on the list for me.

Coral Springs Sweater - Don't know why they're calling it a sweater, it's an open vest.  Semantics aside though it's actually quite nice; something you'd grab on the way out the door when you realise it's not quite as warm as it looked.

Overall Impressions: It has some really nice stuff in it, some awful stuff and some Meh stuff.  There is a lot of stuff for children in it, normally there's just one or two items.  If you like crochet for children I'd get it.  I'm glad I have it, but not too upset that I won't be getting any more.

Now, time to get knitting.  I have a swatch to do for the Amory jersey for my Colourmart knit along, and I frogged my socks last night and have cast on with a new pattern which seems to suit the yarn much better.


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