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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The promised photo!

shetland displayed
Originally uploaded by sewsable
Here it is in all its glory. I love this shawl! Going to have to knit more shawls definitely, might do a couple for family if I can get myself to let them go. I have plenty of yarn though so I should be able to get a couple of them done easily enough. Only downside is that we've now chosen to make the Christmas gift giving a draw in my family and I'd probably get Dad. For Thomas's family no gift giving to siblings or parents, the nephews won't appreciate them either.
Still, I don't really need Christmas to give my female rellies something nice. Better work out which shawl to do next, though I know I'll be doing an Ishbel in green for someone.


Thea said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely shawl!

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