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Monday, March 01, 2010

More knitting, a shawl is done!

No picture yet, but there will be once it's finished blocking.  The most beautiful Shetland Triangle Shawl from the Interweave Wraps book in my handspun Silk/Merino/Cashmere.  I didnt' use all the yarn, and it's bigger than I thought and beautiful!  It's pink which is not a usual colour for me and I added some beads to the edging and I'm very very pleased with it.
I'm just doing some carding now to free up my favourite mini table for balling up the yarn for my next project.  I'm going to be doing a Central Park Hoodie (CPH) in Naturally Sensations Navy.   I've had the yarn in my stash for a couple of years now and I saw one done by Sheryl (Shortly on TNN) and I thought I had to do that too!   After that comes my Vivian by Ysolda Teague, got a call today to tell me my yarn has been dyed so I'm picking that up tomorrow.  I'll post a photo of that too when I get it.
I'm a knitaholic!   However, I really need to do some sewing soon, the boys need winter pj's and so do I.  They also need new woolly singlets which I'll sew from Merino fabric; their current ones are rather too short.


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