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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Spring Cleaning

First I have to say I had a wonderful time at Glentui and I'm going back next year.  I've already paid my deposit.  It also looks like I may be joining the Heathcote spinning guild as they've invited me back which is grand.
I finished the yarn I was working on when I left for Glentui and although it's DK rather than fingering, it will still make nice socks.  I have also got to the transition on my Aeolian shawl so I'm happy with that.

Now that it's spring I've been sorting things out.  The conservatory is now tidy for the first time in ages; we have a lot less toys and I've started going through my fabric stash.   There's a mountain on one of the lounge chairs of stuff I'm never going to use, which I'll be putting on the trading post of TNN to see if someone else wants it.   I'm hoping I can sell most of it locally as I hate posting things like that.  There's microfleece, polarfleece, denim, suiting and all sorts in that pile. 


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