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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Getting ready for Glentui

Very busy this week, working frantically as I won't be home to get anything done this weekend.   So I'm doing my work for WEFT, cleaned out the car and been making Alpaca/Silk batts to spin up while I'm there.   This stuff is so fine my drumcarder isn't really coping as well as I'd like; I'm dreaming of a Pat Green Supercard, but that's never going to happen.  They're not even available over here!
I've been doing some work on my Aoelian too, I'm on the second Yucca pattern and I'm really liking it, she's going with me to Glentui as well as my socks as I need something easy as well.    I'm also taking my current spinning which is the Dorset/Columbia fibre that I dyed and am spinning for socks.   I'll also take some pencil roving that I dyed myself, it's a Merino Acrylic blend which I've never come across before, not sure how it'll wear, but I'm hoping it'll do nice socks.   I'm also taking the batts I'm blending atm; that should be plenty I think.   I'll take a book; Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.  I've read it before and enjoyed it, but it's not something that will override my spinning mojo.
Gotta get back to work now, Ian's on the computer after having a lot of time drowning the sandpit and being good at school; he's earned this :)


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