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Friday, March 18, 2016

Falling off bikes is bad for you

I mean I did know that, the bruising was a dead giveaway, but it now seems that there was more damage done.  Since the bike accident I've had pain in my right side, just where the hip bone changes to fluffy bits.  I'd not thought too much of it, but it's not been improving so I trotted off to the doctors today and now have an ACC claim in for it.  Turns out I've likely got a hernia as a result of the fall straining that side and of course it would be weaker than usual after the surgery too.   I've now got to take things easy for the next 3 weeks which will get me to 6 weeks post accident and then go back for investigation if it's not fixed itself.  Worst thing is it feels best if I'm slouching, so my posture is not being helped at all!

I tried to put something on the Visa this morning (online Lotto ticket for this week) but it got declined, found out why shortly afterwards, someone had stolen the card details and the card had been stopped due to suspicious activity at 3.30am this morning.  Only thing that had gone through was $2.50, they blocked the next transaction and its siblings, just as well really, they were over $1000!
I rang one place whose transaction isn't yet showing as it's going through Paypal to let them know it might bounce and that they can contact me directly if it does so I can pay them by internet banking.  They are sending my needles anyway which is nice of them and will call me if there's a problem.

I have been very busy with my knitting and spinning while all this has been going on and have made a list of things that need sewing as well.    On the sewing list I've got winter dresses for me, school shirts and trousers for the boys, work trousers for Dh, curtains for our rooms on the garage building and a cover for a shoulder roll to go in my pillow.

My Slip Stripe Spiral socks are finished and well in time so I'm doing Sock Madness in a team!

I finished Missandei too, I believe the pattern should be out around the end of this month; I've still to take action shots but the weather here hasn't been good when Dh has been home to take photos

And I finished youngest bear's plain socks as well

This is all my latest spinning, all 3-ply or Navajo and every one is for a specific project too.
This is from Wollelfe yarns through their Etsy shop (I wanted gradients) and will be for socks in Sock Madness

Also from Wollelfe but this is for a shawl, obviously a watermelon themed one.
I've got one more lot of yarn on the way, but I won this one from the Made In Home blog, I chose Socks Yeah in the Iolite colourway as my prize; can't wait till it arrives, so pretty!  It helps make me feel better when I win yarn.


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

ouch! Take care of yourself! That is definitely not fun.
Love the socks, and of course, Missandei

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