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Friday, January 08, 2016

Knit Meme

I'm taking this from where I found it, which was Wandering Cat Studio.  She didn't start it, but without her I wouldn't have found it.   It's basically a small number of knit themed questions which I am going to answer, hopefully you're interested!

Do you have a bad habit?
I spend too much money, especially when starting a new craft and I eat too much sugar.  I also tend to put off exercise, but that is changing this year.

Do you have to hide your knitting from your pets.
From Star, yes I do.  She's dissected the odd ball of yarn and has a very nasty habit of making a "snick" sound with my knitting needle cables; that's a sound you don't ever want to hear, especially when said cable was holding a project.  Ray isn't interested in knitting, she prefers paper and cardboard.

Do you cheat when you cable?
No, and I panic if I lose track of where I am, cables are one of the few things I have real issues reading my rows for.

Do you not really listen to your family when you are knitting intensely? Or blogging? Or buying yarn online?
If I'm counting I don't listen, I just count louder.  The rest of the time yes I do, if I'm reading however it might take several minutes for it to sink in that someone in the real world is trying to communicate with me

Do you fall for Knit kits?
Not normally.  I have 2 in my stash.  1 is a kit for Henry VIII by Alice Starmore (only way to get the pattern at the time), the other is a custom kit from a shop in Nelson in Rare Yarns which is yummy and my husband bought for me while we were on holiday.  Otherwise I prefer to choose my own colours and usually local yarns.

In other news I've been cutting and pinning for our quilt which has been sitting in the drawer for some years now, knitting on fingerless mitts (my lace mojo has temporarily retreated, but will be back) and dyeing the dress I did the block printing on as even with that the colour was not good on me.

This pile will become disappearing 16-patches

The colourwork on the Little Skater Mitts

and finally dyeing in progress, the colour of the fabric is pretty accurate, it was greige.
Better post this quickly, sometime this afternoon Spark will be around to upgrade us to VDSL, much as I'd love fibre, it's not available here yet and it could be another 3 years yet.  We need faster broadband if we can get it, so fingers crossed!

Oh, and I'm feeling much better.   Overdid things slightly yesterday (most of the day on my feet), but bounced back overnight and have done some vacuuming and dishes today as well as some tidying up.   Also may have picked up a heavy box by accident and so far it doesn't seem to have done damage (nor did it hurt at the time).  Not quite ready for a core workout, but am hopeful that once my doc clears me I'll at least be able to hit the rowing machine.


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

My mom used to do the count louder things when she was counting when we were talking. I tried it on Dave, but he just starts saying random numbers.

Glad to hear your recovery is going well.

I really like that quilt fabric

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