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Friday, November 06, 2015

Finished the week feeling better

In part due to physically feeling better, my stomach is feeling less unhappy and in part due to further testing ruling out gallstones.   I'm still having stomach pain, but it took till about dinner time to start going ouch properly, whereas yesterday it was like that all day.   I'm still really tired, but hopeful I might be more me tomorrow.

I did finish my socks a couple of days ago, and then washed them in the wrong wash by accident so had to wear them to bed last night wet to reverse the felting that happened.  Aside from that they're lovely though
this is the yarn from Wales, love that they don't pool!
Also today I visited a friend.  I've not seen for for quite a long time and before that we'd only met once properly, but despite this we're still friends; not acquaintances but real friends.  I really enjoyed the morning spent there and we got to connect again.  We have some things in common that a lot of other mums don't, we both have children who will find it a little harder to make their way in the world than neurotypical children do.  I think she's doing an amazing job as a mum (yes, I really do!) and although she's suffering some self doubt as we all do I can see that she's got the right attitude and enough love to pull through.   All parents have dark days, even those without the extra challenges we face, but the bright days make it worth it.   We'll meet up again, I don't think I'd realised how much I needed to talk to someone who got it until I saw her today.  Yes, I get to talk to other mums at school, but pretty much all of them have neurotypical children and although they have empathy, they don't really understand what life can be like on bad days for us.  I really hope we get the chance to sit down again before my surgery, it's amazing how much better friends make you feel and I hope she felt the benefits too.   I know she'll read this, so, when you do read it, remember you're a great mum and you're doing an amazing job with a young person who will one day get on in life because of the effort his parents put in at the beginning, believe in yourself, I certainly believe in you!

And on that note I'll sign off for the night, do a little spinning or planning for sewing or maybe kill some nasty creatures on the Xbox; Dh is out with the kids at the Scout fireworks and youngest has strict instructions to stay with dad and eldest has strict instructions to tell dad if youngest forgets his instructions and I'm wondering where in the heck the cats have got to cos the fireworks are already going off despite it being daylight!


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

The socks look great - I hope your health doesn't have too much up and down!

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