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Monday, June 01, 2015

Starting, Finishing and Continuing

I needed to cast on something new, broke a tooth this afternoon so this is to make me feel better.
Islanderry Cowl
I'll need to make the dental appointment tomorrow, no pain, but I don't know if I can leave it or if it'll need work and it's better to check now I think

I finished my Jellyrun Socks using Wandering Cat Yarns Alley Cat; love that base but it's not so easy to get here due to shipping costs and of course the dollar being less friendly nowadays.
So comfy; I adapted the pattern to my sizing as it's currently man sized only.
I'm still working on my 1810's dress, the skirt is almost ready to attach to the bodice and I've started changing Violet, my loom, over to Texsolv heddles and tie-up.  No photo's of that yet, but I do have a photo of my current sock which is the second of the pair and about 3/4 done
Vanilla and Iris Socks
This is a plain sock using a double gusset heel which is now my default heel.   I dyed the yarn some time ago and am loving how they're knitting up.

I've been spinning too, Vetinari and Nobby on a Finn base from Southern Cross Fibres, I'll ply these two together to make sure I have enough for socks.
Nobby Nobs

and Vetinari
 Both are from the Discworld MegaSAL; I have more of Vetinari on other bases but those will be spun later.   My next spins will be from my Spin the Bin selection as I still have 3 of those left to go; I also want to save my Vetinari for the Tour de Fleece.

I've been working out, hoping it'll help with my health issues, so we got a rowing machine.   So far I've done it 3 days a week since we got it and I need to keep that up.   Sugar consumption is way down and I'm taking some truly hideous herbal concoction to help with my issues as well.

Mum and Dad got back from England today as well, I suspect they're already heading bedwards after either an omelette or vege soup.   They got me a very pretty skein of BFL sock yarn too
They found it at a wee market in a Welsh village
It'll be my next travel sock once I finish the green one, well, there might be one DK sock first for eldest cos I promised.   Youngest keeps thinking I've promised him more socks, but he already has 3 pair so he can wait a wee bit.


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