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Friday, April 04, 2014

Finished Object - Finally!

On Wednesday night I finally finished Ian's socks.   He wore them on Thursday and seems happy with them.   Downside is in the time I've taken to knit them his feet have grown, so they now fit perfectly rather than having a small amount of growth room!
See, just right!
I'm now working on socks for Thomas as my travel knitting and will probably be casting on another pair for him on Monday for the KAL with Wandering Cat Yarns.   The KAL is Game of Thrones themed and must use either WCY yarn or patterns; I'm using both.

I will still have limited crafting time though as I need to get painting in our rooms, however I can't do that till the driveway has cured enough to walk on.   Today we finished prep for the driveway and the garage was almost finished too.   We have moved approximately 12 tonnes of pavers and hope many of them will go to friends and family, some will be used by us and we will try and sell the remainder on Trademe as quickly as we can.

The garage now has power and phone, we have keys for my room and T's room, but not the remotes for the garage and won't get those till we get and pay the final bill (hoping it won't be too much higher than the original amount).   We will start moving in once we own it and once I've done the painting.    Can't find the drop cloths which is a problem though, have only found one; not enough, and we do need them as the carpet is also down now.    Feeling pretty happy and really looking forward to a week from Thursday when we can drive the car on the driveway!
My room with carpet, gib stopped and cutting in done with the sealant coat.

The driveway as it is now, all dirt!
Btw, what happened to all the base course that was under those pavers?   I know it was there cos we put some of it there when we relaid the whole thing.  Did the earthquakes just swallow it up?


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

The socks look great. Nice to see all the building work coming along!

Sonya said... Best Blogger Tips

The garage is looking good, I bet you're getting pretty excited to have it all done and useable!

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